I am excited about what God is doing this season as He restores spiritual balance to our culture after a crisis. This year’s Cloud Conference, “HARD RESET,” is a prophetic challenge to reactivate the power of prayer, praise, worship, and radical obedience. In this conference, you will learn how to identify and utilize the resources in hand to facilitate a miracle. It will place a demand on your anointing and challenge you to be filled, to pour, and to have the courage to participate in your miracle! This is a virtual conference you don’t want to miss. Register today for this life-changing conference by clicking the link and prepare to experience a “HARD RESET” June 22nd – June 24th. Registration is FREE, so encourage your family, friends, and church members to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime anointing!
Register Today! Your life and ministry will never be the same.
Live FULL,
Bishop Joseph W. Walker, III
Presiding Bishop
Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International

File your Taxes and Be a Blessing!

It is that time of year again, 2020 Tax Season.
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Organization First Saint John Baptist Church
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Referral Code #40010001103752
For more information contact the church office.

“Tell Me Your Story”

Modern Day Hall of Fame Faith-ers are walking amongst us every day including you. Inspired by Hebrews 11 join us Wednesdays @ 7 PM for Tell Me Your Story on Facebook Live and FSJC Livestream. hosted by Bishop Kenneth B. Spears, Pastor of First Saint John Cathedral, as he sits down with a special guest willing to share with us how God’s divine intervention changed their lives forever.

Put Your Faith Into Action.


Modern Day Hall of Fame Faith-ers
Previous Special Guest Deaconess and Single Ministry Leader Sis. Susan Mikes, Deacon Sgt. Gregory Peavy, Sis. Linda Washington, Elder Antonio Reed, Elder Larry E. Black, Sis. Artie Harris, Pastor Torey Franklin, Sis. Louise Younger, and Sis. Rochella Williams, District 95 Texas Representative Nicole Collier, Sis. Demisha Wright, Young Adult Ministry Tier Leader, Deaconess Belvia Thomas, and Bro. James Marberry, Elder Eric Dees. Minister Kesha Carter, Sis. Tammie Burleson, Elder Tamika Dees, First Lady Angela Spears, District 5 Councilmember Gyna Bivens, Ann Zadeh City Councilmember District 9, Kelly Allen Gray City Councilmember District 8,  Deborah Peoples Fort Worth Mayoral Candidate, Sister Linda Mitchell, and Dr, Melissa Petersen UNT Health and Science.

Last Special Guest  Elder Arthelia Wair.

Tell Me Your Story with Bishop Kenneth B. Spears and Minister Tysa Taylor.