First Saint John Cathedral

First Saint John Cathedral

A Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship

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The First Saint John Cathedral is a church fellowship that has:

One Father (God the Father) – The hand is all powerful yet it is outstretched and welcoming, much like our Heavenly Father is.

One Faith (Jesus is our anchor, our rock, our hope and our Saviour) – A sturdy, rugged and EMPTY cross. The red background also symbolizes the blood that was shed for us all.

Two Facilities (FSJ Berry Street and FSJ Watauga Road) – During Roman times believers used the symbol of the fish to mark meeting places. (The fish symbol was based from the miracle of feeding 5000 in John 6:1-15). The two fish represent our Berry Street and Watauga Road locations. Notice they are touching, which further symbolizes unity.

One Family (We are one united family) – FSJ is a place for families to grow and be nurtured BUT it also symbolizes that despite heritage or blood relation, we are all one family, bounded by the blood of Jesus. Notice that the family unit is holding hands, which further signifies unity.

Festive Fellowship (Symbolized by the wreath) – We have a live and unique fellowship and worship experience