File your Taxes and Be a Blessing!

It is that time of year again, 2020 Tax Season.
Why not try H&R Block for all of your individual and business tax services and why you are there use the following Referral Code #40010001103752 and be a blessing to First Saint John Cathedral.
How do you say? For every first-time user of H&R Block Tax Services, First Saint John Cathedral will receive a $20 Nonprofit Donation. 
Organization First Saint John Baptist Church
Tax ID #751626537
Referral Code #40010001103752
For more information contact the church office.

“Tell Me Your Story”

Modern Day Hall of Fame Faith-ers are walking amongst us every day including you. Inspired by Hebrews 11 join us Wednesdays @ 7 PM for Tell Me Your Story on Facebook Live and FSJC Livestream. hosted by Bishop Kenneth B. Spears, Pastor of First Saint John Cathedral, as he sits down with a special guest willing to share with us how God’s divine intervention changed their lives forever.

Put Your Faith Into Action.


Modern Day Hall of Fame Faith-ers
Previous Special Guest Deaconess and Single Ministry Leader Sis. Susan Mikes, Deacon Sgt. Gregory Peavy, Sis. Linda Washington, Elder Antonio Reed, Elder Larry E. Black, Sis. Artie Harris, Pastor Torey Franklin, Sis. Louise Younger, and Sis. Rochella Williams, District 95 Texas Representative Nicole Collier, Sis. Demisha Wright, Young Adult Ministry Tier Leader, Deaconess Belvia Thomas, and Bro. James Marberry, Elder Eric Dees. Minister Kesha Carter, Sis. Tammie Burleson, Elder Tamika Dees, First Lady Angela Spears, District 5 Councilmember Gyna Bivens, Ann Zadeh City Councilmember District 9, Kelly Allen Gray City Councilmember District 8,  Deborah Peoples Fort Worth Mayoral Candidate, Sister Linda Mitchell, Dr, Melissa Petersen UNT Health and Science, and Elder Arthelia Wair.

Last Special Guest Minister Tysa Taylor.

Tell Me Your Story with Bishop Kenneth B. Spears and FSJC Young Adults.

50 Days of Prayer

It’s time for the 50 Days of Prayer.  We have activated the online link so that you can sign up online and you will see an online clock that will show prayer times, who is praying, and who is next up to pray.  If someone has your prayer time, don’t worry you can still sign up.  Follow this link to view the prayer clock and sign up. The signup link is in the upper right corner of the screen. Click that link, fill in your name and prayer time and it will be posted on the online clock.  For a list of frequently asked questions and for a history of 50 Days of Prayer go to our Resource Center.

Live Video Streaming Issues

First Saint John Family, it is or hope and prayer that all is well with you and your loved ones. Because churches are unable to congregate they have to rely on streaming their services. As a result you may possibly experience lagging or freezing of our broadcast. We wanted to let you know that this is due to servers being pushed to their max capabilities or in other words it’s due to everyone getting online trying to watch their service. The media ministry has discussed this and there is nothing that we can do about it. We suggest that if you are having issues watching our services live, to wait until the broadcast is over, then watch the archived or saved version. Also, we wanted to add that you can pay your tithes and offerings online via our Givelify app. Please call the church office if you have any questions in trying to set it up. Continue to trust in God and stay safe, we’re going to make it through!