First Saint John Cathedral

First Saint John Cathedral

A Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship

Weekly Schedule

Daily Prayer Sessions
Sunday – 6:30am Berry Street; 7:30 am Watauga Road
Monday – 6am
Tuesday – noon
Wednesday – 6pm
Thursday – 6pm
Friday – 7am

6:00 am Prayer (Berry Street)
7:30 am Prayer (Watauga Road)
8:00 am Early morning Worship (Berry Street)
8:30 am Discipleship Training (Watauga Road)
9:20 am Discipleship Training (Berry Street)
9:30 am Morning Worship (Watauga Road)
10:45 am Morning Worship (Berry Street)
6:00 pm Baptism & Communion (1rst Sunday’s, alternate between both locations)

9:00 am Son-Rise Bible Study (Berry Street)
9:00 am Staff Meeting (Berry Street)
6:15 pm Men and Women Bible Study – (Watauga Road)
6:15 pm Youth Mentoring (Paul and Timothy, Naomi and Ruth) – (Watauga Road – 2nd and 4th Monday)
7:00 pm Bible Study (Watauga Road)

6:00 pm Ministry Meetings (Men, Women, Ministers, Elders, Trainees) – (Berry Street)
6:00 pm Youth Mentoring (Paul and Timothy, Naomi and Ruth) – (Berry Street, 2nd and 4th Mondays)
7:00 pm Youth Ministry (Berry Street)
7:00 pm Bible Study (Berry Street)

7:00 am Prayer (Berry Street)

10:00 am Soul Winners Action Team (SWAT) is part of our Evangelism Ministry. They meet on the Saturday preceding the 1st Sunday at BOTH locations.

10:00 am Super Saturday is a fun filled day with spiritual and educational activities for our youth. Super Saturday is typically held on the last Saturday of the month.