Learning Resource Center – 50 Days of Prayer FAQ

Learning Resource Center – 50 Days of Prayer FAQ

Below are some of the most common questions concerning the 50 Days of Prayer. If you have a question that is not listed below please contact the church office at 817-534-0581 or e-mail us at contact@firstsaintjohn.org

How does the 50 Days of Prayer work?
There are 1440 minutes in a day which are broken down into 96 blocks of 15 minutes each. If you sign up for the 3:15am block, everyday for the next 50 days at 3:15am you would pray to God for 15minutes. By the time its 3:30am, someone else has started to pray, when its 3:45am someone else has started to pray and it goes on and on. When all 96 blocks are filled it has an effect of prayers continually going up to God!

What am I praying for during this time?
There is a list of prayer directives that has scriptural references. There is also a general prayer guide of different items to pray for as well.

What if I run over my allotted 15 minutes?
It is OK because it’s not good to quench the spirit. If there is a good flow of prayer, keep on praying! Another advantage to praying over the 15 minutes is that it is possible that the person praying after you may be late in starting, thereby breaking the continuous flow of prayer. Praying over allows the next person some extra time and ensures continuity.

What if the time slot I want is taken?
No problem, you can still sign up for a time slot that has been taken by one or more persons. The important thing is to participate and to not miss your prayer time.

I am not a member, can I still participate?
Yes you can, please feel free to participate and contact the church office should you have any additional questions, OR you can sign up online.

Where is the sign up list (prayer wheel) located?
The sign up list and prayer wheel are both located in the foyer at both locations.

I live outside the Fort Worth area, is there a way to still sign up?
We also have an online version of the prayer wheel.

What is the purpose of the online clock
In the past one would have to wait to go to church to sign up or view the prayer clock and it was often limited to people in the Fort Worth area. The online prayer clock allows you to view the prayer clock at any time from any computer and it gives our online members and partners from out of state a chance to participate.

I don’t have a computer OR I’d rather sign up on paper at church like we have always done.
That is fine, you can still sign up at church and we will input the names each week.

I signed up at church but I do not see my name on the online clock.
Entering names from both locations takes a bit of time. Please allow up to one week for names to be seen on the online clock. It would also help us out if you print your name on the sign up sheet instead of signing. Signitures can sometimes be hard to read, which can be another reason why a name may not be present.

How does the online clock work
Our online prayer clock allows you to see what slots need prayer and allows you to see realtime who is currently praying and who is due to pray next.
How do I sign up?
– Click on any of the online prayer clock links on the website
– In the upper right corner click the link that says Prayer Sign Up, a new window will open up
– Type in your name, select AM or PM, select the time you want to pray, then click the submit button
– Afterwards your name will be entered on the prayer matrix
Additional Information
– At the top of the screen, the current time is displayed
– To view the morning participants, click AM to view evening participants click PM (You may have to scroll down to view the list)
– If you accidentally entered in the wrong time, go back and enter in the correct time, then send an e-mail to the webmaster and let us know which entry to delete


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