Learning Resource Center – 50 Days of Prayer – Prayer Guide

Learning Resource Center – 50 Days of Prayer – Prayer Guide

Use this as a guide as to what to pray for regarding various situations

Freedom from financial pressures
Prayer for tithes and offerings

A woman of purity prayer
A man of purity prayer
Renunciation of sexual sins
Healing from abuse
Deliverance from masturbation
Committing to a life of purity
Deliverance from molestation
Freedom from lust

For a single Christian
Single parent’s prayer for their children
The needs of a troubled son or daughter
Harmonious marriage
Prayer for your husband
Prayer for your wife
Prayer for the family

Rededication and Consecration
Here I am Lord
Dedicating my life to God
A Man’s prayer of rededication and consecration
My daily prayer of rededication and consecration
The saint’s prayer of rededication
Devotion of consecration and rededication
Dedicating my life to God
Prayer of rededication
The sinner’s prayer of commitment
Eternal Father
Prayer of rededication and consecration
Prayer of consecration
The sinner’s prayer of commitment

Spiritual Growth
Worshipping the Lord
Walking in humility
Prayer for a purpose driven life
For God’s guidance and instructions
Thanksgiving prayer
Daily prayer of thanksgiving
Prayer of commitment
Prayer of praise and thanksgiving
Prayer for wisdom
Salvation of another
Repentance prayer for negative words/confessions
A Prayer of forgiveness to the Lord for the nation or nations
Prayer of salvation
Pleading the blood of Jesus
Hedge of protection
Prayer for a backslider

When you need the favor of God for any circumstance (jobs, court cases, etc…)
For someone in prison
Deliverance from Satan and his demonic forces
Deliverance from bad habits
Someone needing deliverance from drugs

Physical Health
Digestive problems
High blood pressure
Alzheimer’s disease
Overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome
Health and healing
Victory in a healthy lifestyle

Soul and Mind
Freedom from jealousy/envy
Victory over pride
Developing patience
When you are angry
Renewing the mind
Freedom from rejection
Letting go of the past
Victory over depression
Overcoming hypersensitivity


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