Funeral Services Policies

Funeral Services Policies

Services are to begin no later than 11am. The day and time will be confirmed only by the Bishop Spears, Elder Bell or an authorized staff person

The name of the church is First Saint John Cathedral

General remarks by family and friends should be made during the wake

Special remarks for the funeral service are limited to 3 minutes and by only one person

Viewing of the remains will be at the start of service. Once the casket is closed, it will not be reopened

Only one resolution will be read. Any additional resolutions will be given to the secretary, who will pass them to the family

At the Berry Street location, the motorcade can enter by way of the side street south of the parking lot, pointing east in front of the church

The family will sit on the left side facing the pulpit


Order of Service

Final Viewing
Song of Peace
Reading of Scriptures
Old Testament
New Testament
Song of Inspiration
Church Resolution
Song of Hope
Message of Comfort